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List of Plants which can be Planted in Home – Indoor Plants

Many people want to make a lavish garden in their house but most of the times; they do not have an adequate place to make their dream successful. Then, what is the solution to this issue? A beautiful indoor garden might be the perfect solution, as it does not require a huge balcony or terrace.

List of Indoor Home Plants

Indoor home Plants

A little space inside the home is absolutely perfect to make a cherished indoor garden. Underneath is a description of some plants with which you can make your dream indoor garden. These useful and beautiful plants will increase the beauty and elegance of your home. So, let’s start:

Areca Palm

This beautiful leafy plant might grow anywhere in your house with indirect sunlight. You have to make sure that it should not be exposed to the direct sunlight unless the leaves will convert to yellow. The plant is able to grow as high as 30 feet at outdoors; however, it is limited to around seven feet at the indoor locations.

You should put it in a little container. Its crowded roots will help limit its size. The plant helps filter xylene as well as toluene from the air. It works effectively as a productive humidifier. You should water sufficiently to maintain the moisture of the soil and allow it to dry a bit between waterings during winter.

English Ivy

This elegant green plant is helpful in reducing airborne fecal-matter pieces. It also helps in filtering out formaldehyde that can be discovered in some of the household cleaning products. The particular plant requires bright light for looking fresh. They might allure pests in case of insufficient light. You have to take special care in times of watering. Ivy does not prefer standing water.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very useful plant that is able to clear benzene as well as formaldehyde that can be chemical-based paints’, other toxins’, and cleaners’ byproduct. It is a popular fact that aloe vera might be utilized in achieving a wonderful complexion. Aloe plants want to stay warm and dry rather than cold and wet; therefore, water it accordingly. You can place this plant in a sunny window.

Indian Basil

It is commonly termed as Tulsi.  This plant features an array of medicinal properties. Additionally, it is helpful in purifying the air as well as improving the quality of air. You can plant it in a simple pot. This plant needs regular sunlight; therefore, you can place it in a sunny window. It also requires water regularly (prevent yourself from over-watering).


Dracaena does not need direct sunlight and it is able to grow at maximum 12 feet in height; therefore, plant it at a specific spot that permits sufficient space for growing. Its height can be controlled by pruning. Yellow leaves signify a sign of poor drainage or over-watering. It can be placed near a window or a sheer curtain.

Ladies’ Slipper Orchid, Spider Plant, Azalea, Snake Plant, Weeping Fig etc are some other popular plants for your indoor garden. You can collect their day-to-day care procedure from the internet sources.